Last Funding
Last Funding Date
Jul 14, 2021
Smart Contract Platforms
ParaState has received investments from 46 investors. Their most recent funding round was on July 14, 2021, when they have raised 5.5M.


Titans Ventures

Titans Ventures Logo
Total: 64 investments

GD10 Ventures

GD10 Ventures Logo
Total: 46 investments

Kenetic Capital

Kenetic Capital Logo
Total: 22 investments

Alameda Research

Alameda Research Logo
Total: 49 investments

CMS Holdings

CMS Holdings Logo
Total: 50 investments

Momentum 6

Momentum 6 Logo
Total: 73 investments


Taureon Logo
Total: 7 investments


4SV Logo
Total: 14 investments


DuckDao Logo
Total: 22 investments

PNYX Ventures

PNYX Ventures Logo
Total: 14 investments

DAO Maker

DAO Maker Logo
Total: 63 investments

Genblock Capital

Genblock Capital Logo
Total: 65 investments

Master Ventures

Master Ventures Logo
Total: 58 investments

ZBS Capital

ZBS Capital Logo
Total: 142 investments

Moonwhales Ventures

Moonwhales Ventures Logo
Total: 66 investments

Lotus Capital

Lotus Capital Logo
Total: 39 investments

01 Capital

01 Capital Logo
Total: 4 investments

Gate.io Labs

Gate.io Labs Logo
Total: 46 investments

Bixin Ventures

Bixin Ventures Logo
Total: 15 investments


Total: 32 investments

Gains Associates

Gains Associates Logo
Total: 38 investments

GFS Ventures

GFS Ventures Logo
Total: 6 investments

SevenX Ventures

SevenX Ventures Logo
Total: 25 investments

FBG Capital

FBG Capital Logo
Total: 19 investments

Paka Capital

Paka Capital Logo
Total: 8 investments

Llama Ventures

Llama Ventures Logo
Total: 5 investments

Inclusion Capital

Inclusion Capital Logo
Total: 14 investments

Chronos Ventures

Chronos Ventures Logo
Total: 18 investments

Signum Capital

Signum Capital Logo
Total: 33 investments

pSquare Capital

pSquare Capital Logo
Total: 6 investments


Polkastarter Logo
Total: 6 investments

Moonboots Capital

Moonboots Capital Logo
Total: 13 investments

HyperChain Capital

HyperChain Capital Logo
Total: 11 investments

Playcent Capital

Playcent Capital Logo
Total: 2 investments

Firstchain Capital

Firstchain Capital Logo
Total: 1 investments


AuBit Logo
Total: 1 investments


Parsiq Logo
Total: 9 investments

JRR Capital

JRR Capital Logo
Total: 8 investments

ZMT Capital

ZMT Capital Logo
Total: 4 investments

AKG Ventures

AKG Ventures Logo
Total: 2 investments

Maven Capital

Maven Capital Logo
Total: 93 investments

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount

Private Round

July 14, 2021
Total: 22 investors

Strategic Round

April 9, 2021
Total: 29 investors

Seed Round

Jan. 27, 2021
Total: 12 investors