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Best Сrypto Launchpads

The crypto world is constantly transforming: new digital currencies are emerging, and the market lends itself to ups and downs. In such a tempo of alternating trends, it is important to keep a clear head, especially if you want to work on new crypto launchpads.

According to a statistical aggregator, there are 954 cryptocurrencies in the world now, although only about 10 have a strong enough market position. Does this mean that it is not worth investing in young projects? Of course not; you just need to have a responsible approach, guided not only by the state of the industry but also by the information from the biggest crypto launchpads.


Here we publish analytics and observations about top resources that cooperate with advantageous crypto startups. We study the pitfalls and determine the possible profits.

Best Crypto Launchpad Platform Of The Day!

We analyze portals and pick the best launchpad every day based on a set of factors:

  • ROI: a critical parameter that directly affects the return on investment.
  • Number of new projects launched: a platform in demand by startups deserves users' attention.
  • Capitalization: decentralized IDO platforms take commissions; the higher their income, the more reliable the target resource.
  • Number of users: interest in blockchain projects on the platform.
  • Investment complexity: the simplicity of investing allows for more profitable trading and financing of the IDO platform.

Most Hot Crypto Launchpads Platform

This section is characterized by promising crypto market players getting into it. The resources, defined as Top 10 launchpad crypto, have a certain credibility with investors and entrepreneurs, which attracts new visitors to the portal. The top changes daily under the influence of various factors.

What factors influence the rating?

Consumers rate crypto ecosystem platforms. The more unique IDs visited the landing pages of cryptocurrency launchpads, the higher their rating in the general list. But user activity is stimulated by several factors:

  • value of the resource;
  • availability of new or popular projects;
  • innovativeness of ICO launchpads;
  • ROI index as a whole or separately by projects;
  • availability of support for solutions by the crypto industry flagships.

Why would an investor want to monitor such resources?

Monitoring and analytics, in general, are relevant tools for successful investors. Collecting information from all available sources is necessary for effectively investing in promising and profitable startups.


This page allows users to determine the most popular projects and study the general state of the market. Based on the information received, you can make the right decision about investing capital in one or another resource, calculating the payback period and profitability in advance.

Top Launchpad Platform by Market Cap

The best crypto IDO is determined by the total capitalization of the platform's internal token. The higher the value of the currency, the more successful the platform and the projects launched on it. Also, the high value indicates the popularity of the resource among investors, funds, and ordinary users.


Top leaders have more prospects for funding in different currencies, such as Ethereum.

What factors influence the rating?

Logically, several resources simultaneously compete for the best IDO launchpad for crypto. But the leaders are only those whose capitalization exceeds similar resources. Accordingly, the higher the token's value, the more likely the platform's development on the IDO market.


We monitor IDO launchpads for crypto and update the top daily, bringing the most promising (with high native token value) platforms to the top of the ranking.

Why would an investor want to monitor trend portals?

Majors launchpads crypto have high capitalization and thus low volatility. Unlike those just debuting, they offer investors greater flexibility in swap allocation and stake assignment at auction. This is how the persistence of a decentralized incubator is determined.

Top Crypto Launchpad Platforms by ROI

We actively analyze portals like DAO maker's IDO platform to inform potential contributors about the most profitable and promising resources. We also actively find and analyze candidates in the top 10 crypto launchpads, weeding out problematic solutions like BSCPad with a capitalization of about $14 million.


Thanks to this block, every resource user can find both regular and multi-chain IDO to work. In addition, sorted by ROI, it shows the best launchpad crypto, which is worth visiting first.

Binance Launchpad is the best crypto launchpad, according to experts

This launchpad platform crypto is a trending resource for anyone who wants to work profitably with finances, namely:

  • traders;
  • brokers;
  • owners of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital assets. 


It is rightfully identified as the best platform in the world and a favorite of the crypto-exchange industry. It has full multi-chain support and can work with popular and newly created digital coins, partially ensuring their profitability.


The great thing about the portal is that it gathers different types of projects, allowing them to develop through freelance funding. For investors, it is a chance to earn through excellent deposit rates and promising ROI ratios. 

CoinList – an outstanding player among the best launchpads

The portal is known for its projects that get listed due to the public's high interest in such assets. In addition to classic tokens, there are promising solutions, the young crypto launchpad platforms


The resource is popular with entrepreneurs who implement their projects and users who finance them. It guarantees free funding sources for the former and high chances of profit for the latter.

VentUp – the top launchpad crypto for concurrent projects

The resource is part of a list of blockchain launchpads with various projects that may need investment. It provides some premium services to potential investors and startup owners. It acts as an intermediary between them, providing the former with the safety of funds and the latter with an inflow of capital for development.


The resource has not yet reached the level of a top crypto launchpad, but it can already compete with other industry players with a similar level of popularity.

AscendEX – crypto projects booster

It is not the best launchpad crypto, but it is an interesting industry representative with good potential and development prospects. The fact is that the site features technology startups that are truly exciting for cryptocurrency investors. In addition to classic blockchain projects, the portal offers some innovative products aimed at the development of AI, crypto-gaming, and security.

In addition, all the startups on the platform usually have quite high ROI ratios, which makes them very attractive to investors.

Apollo-X – an interesting representative of the top crypto launchpads category

The platform has a good backlog of active investors and an impressive turnover of funds. Because potentially profitable startups are published on the resource, the demand for the site's services is very high. The owners of the IT solution provided convenient access to the resource for all parties of the transaction and guaranteed the return of funds through a unique system of tokens. This served as a factor in boosting the level of trust in the platform.

The principle of the platform is to build a seamless ecosystem to work with both business owners and potential capital investors.

FTX – a classic of the genre 

Cheap launchpad crypto is valuable for those who need to launch their token without losing their own funds. Similarly with depositors, due to low requirements for participants, the platform benefits those who are just getting into the topic of cryptocurrency assets and do not want to risk large amounts of transactions.

Bybit – authentic portal among the best launchpads crypto 

A representative of upcoming launchpads provides tools for entrepreneurs to raise funds from investors, providing the latter with unhindered access to the market's top projects. Such mutually beneficial cooperation also affects the state of the platform itself, creating new prospects that are transformed into services.

ROI – significant indicator for any investor

The higher the public interest in the project, the higher the value of the company owning the startup. Accordingly, the risks of losing the budget are lower. Also, a high ROI guarantees income in a certain perspective and time frame (it depends on investment conditions).

Why is it so important to track portals with high ROI?

The chances of development of a project depend entirely on the interest of the target audience in it. The ROI is the indicator that shows the prospects of investing in a startup. The higher it is, the more users are involved in the enterprise's success. It is also a kind of guarantee of return on investment (although, in the case of platform bankruptcy, it will not save you from financial losses).

What does ROI affect?

On the investor's income, the project's viability, and the platform's capitalization. This indicator serves as a kind of beacon, signaling the prospects of financial investment in a startup. It also allows you to calculate the net profit from the investment.

Most Active Launchpad Platforms

Competition rules the world. Even the niche of portals for launching crypto projects is subject to this rule. Only those industry players who are not afraid to take risks and actively host new promising projects get into the rating of this block. The more, the higher the position in the top.

What factors influence the rating?

The activity has positive and negative dynamics. It also tends to affect the rating of platforms, moving positions between the lines of the top. Promising platforms actively working with new products have a higher chance of leading this block.

Why would an investor want to track such portals?

More active projects mean an abundant choice of targets for investment and, therefore, a tougher fight for investor money. The difference in ROI, consumer interest, and capitalization of companies are key factors that attract the attention of a financial tycoon. And this section is an opportunity to quickly determine the state of the industry and outline a promising project for investment.

Frequently asked questions

How can I stay informed about the performance of my launchpad token investment, and what metrics should I be tracking?

The main parameter of the best crypto launchpads is ROI. The second most important is platform activity, and the third is capitalization. Add to this the credit of trust (usually tens of thousands of investors) and guarantees of return of funds. If all factors are met – the effectiveness of your investment is guaranteed.

How do I participate in a token sale or initial coin offering (ICO) through a launchpad platform?

Register on the portal, choose the desired project, and finance it with traditional funds or the cryptocurrency equivalent (direct transfer from the purse), having previously concluded an investment agreement.

How do launchpad platforms differ from traditional crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Top launchpads crypto provide an author's money-back guarantee. As a rule, this is the token equivalent of the invested amount or another type of return on investment obligation.

How do launchpad platforms verify the legitimacy of the projects they feature?

Reputable analysts and financial sector experts lead each platform. Before adding a platform, a project is thoroughly checked, and documents, a roadmap, and guarantees of operation and development are requested.

What are some of the most popular launchpad platforms, and what sets them apart from others?

You can read on the portal about the position details of the best IDO crypto space. The key differences between them: user activity; new projects; high capitalization; guarantees of return of funds; the number of services provided. One way or another, all platforms offer their own working conditions. It's up to you to decide which one to cooperate with.

What are the fees associated with using a crypto launchpad platform, and how do they compare to other types of fundraising methods?

There are no special differences with similar fees and commissions. Additional fees are typical for cryptocurrency transactions and brokerage services.

What is a crypto launchpad platform, and how does it work?

It is a place for publishing promising projects, startups, and business plans of private entrepreneurs. The resource itself accumulates funds from external investments, monetizing them at the expense of its own assets, with further investment in projects. At the end of the cooperation period, all participants return their share of funds + income from them (ROI).

What risks are associated with participating in a launchpad token sale, and how can I manage them?

The risks are classic, even for the best IDO crypto space. The most significant of them is the bankruptcy of the platform, which has no insurance for the invested funds. In other cases, there is a possibility of partial investment loss if the startup fails. It is impossible to manage them, but if guided by common sense and analytics, the chance of successful investment increases.

What types of projects typically use crypto launchpad platforms to raise funds?

Various tech startups and cryptocurrency projects (launching tokens on the market).

What types of tokens or cryptocurrencies can I use to participate in a launchpad token sale?

Depends on the type of platform and its policy. As a rule, these are classic cryptocurrencies, fiat funds in the international financial equivalent, and portal tokens.