Last Funding
Last Funding Date
Aug 12, 2021
Impossible Finance has received investments from 19 investors. Their most recent funding round was on Aug. 12, 2021, when they have raised 240.0K.


Alameda Research

Alameda Research Logo
Total: 49 investments

CMS Holdings

CMS Holdings Logo
Total: 50 investments

True Ventures

True Ventures Logo
Total: 3 investments

Sino Global Capital

Sino Global Capital Logo
Total: 12 investments

IOSG Ventures

IOSG Ventures Logo
Total: 20 investments

Divergence Ventures

Divergence Ventures Logo
Total: 21 investments


Total: 14 investments


Lemniscap Logo
Total: 16 investments

Primitive Ventures

Primitive Ventures Logo
Total: 2 investments

Incuba Alpha

Incuba Alpha Logo
Total: 7 investments

BR Capital

BR Capital Logo
Total: 7 investments

Coin98 Ventures

Coin98 Ventures Logo
Total: 25 investments

Ternary Capital

Ternary Capital Logo
Total: 1 investments

The Lao

The Lao Logo
Total: 17 investments

Maple Leaf Capital

Maple Leaf Capital Logo
Total: 4 investments

LongHash Ventures

LongHash Ventures Logo
Total: 24 investments

Bitscale Capital

Bitscale Capital Logo
Total: 15 investments


Hashed Logo
Total: 29 investments

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount

IDO Round

Aug. 12, 2021
Token Price $0.075
ROI 0.64x (-36.1%)
ATH ROI +46.8x (+4580.0%)
Min/Max personal Cap $10000.0
Tokens For Sale 4,000,000
Lock-up $100% unlocked

Seed Round

June 3, 2021
Total: 19 investors
Token Price $0.06
ROI 0.8x (-20.2%)
ATH ROI +58.5x (+5750.0%)
Tokens For Sale 116,666,667
Lock-up $25% unlocked, 1 year cliff, Daily 12 Month