Last Funding
Last Funding Date
Sep 28, 2021
Application Development
Blocto has received investments from 33 investors. Their most recent funding round was on Sept. 28, 2021, when they have raised 200.0K.


Alameda Research

Alameda Research Logo
Total: 49 investments

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands Logo
Total: 45 investments


Altonomy Logo
Total: 10 investments

CMS Holdings

CMS Holdings Logo
Total: 50 investments

Divergence Ventures

Divergence Ventures Logo
Total: 21 investments

LD Capital

LD Capital Logo
Total: 81 investments

Continue Capital

Continue Capital Logo
Total: 7 investments


Quantstamp Logo
Total: 4 investments

Krypital Group

Krypital Group Logo
Total: 21 investments

Axia8 Ventures

Axia8 Ventures Logo
Total: 18 investments

YBB Foundation

YBB Foundation Logo
Total: 13 investments

WaterDrip Capital

WaterDrip Capital Logo
Total: 23 investments

Mentha Partners

Mentha Partners Logo
Total: 5 investments

Mask Network

Mask Network Logo
Total: 3 investments

SevenX Ventures

SevenX Ventures Logo
Total: 25 investments

Drops Ventures

Drops Ventures Logo
Total: 4 investments

Cabin VC

Cabin VC Logo
Total: 5 investments

ArkStream Capital

ArkStream Capital Logo
Total: 18 investments

Double Peak

Double Peak Logo
Total: 34 investments

Origin Capital

Origin Capital Logo
Total: 6 investments

Evernew Capital

Evernew Capital Logo
Total: 8 investments

500 Startups

500 Startups Logo
Total: 1 investments


AppWorks Logo
Total: 1 investments

Olive Tree Capital

Olive Tree Capital Logo
Total: 1 investments


Pelith Logo
Total: 1 investments

WasabiX Finance

WasabiX Finance Logo
Total: 1 investments


Decasonic Logo
Total: 1 investments

Dealean Capital

Dealean Capital Logo
Total: 3 investments

Ace Exchange

Ace Exchange Logo
Total: 1 investments

Newave Capital

Newave Capital Logo
Total: 6 investments

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount

IDO Round

Sept. 28, 2021
Token Price $0.4
ROI 0.15x (-85.4%)
ATH ROI +8.77x (+777.5%)
Tokens For Sale 500,000

Private Round

May 21, 2021
Total: 33 investors
Token Price $0.1
ROI 0.58x (-41.6%)
ATH ROI +35.1x (+3410.0%)
Tokens For Sale 80,000,000
Lock-up $6 months lock, linear vesting in 7th-24th month