Visa will add Solana to its stablecoin settlement options.

Visa will add Solana to its stablecoin settlement options.

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Visa announced that it will utilize Solana blockchain as a network to transfer USDC between issuers and acquirers. It got support from Worldpay and Nuvei, two global acquirers who serve merchants from wide range of sectors. This comes as the company reaches for improved cross-border settlements and for growth acceleration of internet businesses. 

The Program: 

Visa has a partnership with Circle, so the users can utilize their USDC via Visa cabinet. To tranfers stables, company needs trustworthy chain, so they originally settled on ETH, yet to cope with high fees and low TPS the company decided to expand to Solana. Solana can boast avg 400 TPS with maximum of 2K TPS, so it can seriously empower Visa's plans. 

Solana Perspectives: 

The company announced that it already transfered millions of USDC on blockchains to settle for fiat-denominated payments. For Solana it means a solid real world use case, which raises trust in chain capabilities. In the same time it shows how CeFi can partner with decentralized solutions to reach more users. For hardcore decentralization supporters such cooperations may seem vile, as they assimilate DeFi and CeFi into one shared spacre. Nevertheless, the process of real world adoption is in full force and can be a driver for markets growth. 

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