DYDX will become a native token on upcoming Dydx blockchain.

DYDX will become a native token on upcoming Dydx blockchain.

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DYDX will become a native token on upcoming Dydx blockchain. 

Dydx, a leading decentralized derivative trading platform, will migrate from Ethereum to its own chain built with Cosmos SDK. In a governance voting the community decided to appoint DYDX token as native token for the chain. 

What's Dydx:

Dydx became popular primarily as a platform to trade perpetual contracts. It's a trade on non-expirable contracts, it also provides trading options with up to 20x leverage. Dydx also provides classic trading options such as spot, margin or NFT trade. In 6 years the project grew big and amassed $1T in overall trading volume. Originally, it was done on the Ethereum network, yet recently the foundation decided to build its standalone blockchain based on Cosmos SDK and Tenderming proof-of-stake consensus protocol. 

New processes: 

Community voted to transfer Dydx to version 4, which will lead to intensification of trading process. With the standalone blockchain dydx traders wouldn't pay gas fees, but fees on executed trades, as it is done in Centralized Exchanges. It also would mean complete autonomy for dydx community which will now be able to control and vote for original additions rather on the chain, rather than employ existing Ethereum ones. 

Full information about investors and tokenomics can be found on Chain Broker: dYdx



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