Last Funding
Last Funding Date
Oct 7, 2021
OP Games has received investments from 51 investors. Their most recent funding round was on Oct. 7, 2021, when they have raised 8.6M.


ExNetwork Capital

ExNetwork Capital Logo
Total: 118 investments

Protocol Ventures

Protocol Ventures Logo
Total: 9 investments

X21 Digital

X21 Digital Logo
Total: 157 investments

Mechanism Capital

Mechanism Capital Logo
Total: 27 investments

Spartan Group

Spartan Group Logo
Total: 38 investments

Momentum 6

Momentum 6 Logo
Total: 73 investments

BR Capital

BR Capital Logo
Total: 7 investments

LongHash Ventures

LongHash Ventures Logo
Total: 24 investments

DeFi Alliance

DeFi Alliance Logo
Total: 26 investments

Caballeros Capital

Caballeros Capital Logo
Total: 3 investments

LD Capital

LD Capital Logo
Total: 81 investments


3Commas Logo
Total: 16 investments

Tenzor Capital

Tenzor Capital Logo
Total: 6 investments

Genblock Capital

Genblock Capital Logo
Total: 65 investments

Master Ventures

Master Ventures Logo
Total: 58 investments

Lotus Capital

Lotus Capital Logo
Total: 39 investments

Block Hype

Block Hype Logo
Total: 2 investments

Fundamental Labs

Fundamental Labs Logo
Total: 10 investments

Ascensive Assets

Ascensive Assets Logo
Total: 23 investments

Mentha Partners

Mentha Partners Logo
Total: 5 investments

GFS Ventures

GFS Ventures Logo
Total: 6 investments

SevenX Ventures

SevenX Ventures Logo
Total: 25 investments

FBG Capital

FBG Capital Logo
Total: 19 investments

Republic Labs

Republic Labs Logo
Total: 13 investments

Kernel Ventures

Kernel Ventures Logo
Total: 10 investments


GSR Logo
Total: 18 investments

Polygon Studios

Polygon Studios Logo
Total: 41 investments

Double Peak

Double Peak Logo
Total: 34 investments


Bitcoin.com Logo
Total: 10 investments

Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies Logo
Total: 9 investments

Blockchain Israel

Blockchain Israel Logo
Total: 9 investments

JRR Capital

JRR Capital Logo
Total: 8 investments

ZMT Capital

ZMT Capital Logo
Total: 4 investments

Bitrise Capital

Bitrise Capital Logo
Total: 4 investments

Eden Block

Eden Block Logo
Total: 4 investments


Synaps Logo
Total: 12 investments

Newave Capital

Newave Capital Logo
Total: 6 investments


Total: 2 investments

Deltahub Capital

Deltahub Capital Logo
Total: 11 investments

ZB Capital

ZB Capital Logo
Total: 4 investments

FireX Capital

FireX Capital Logo
Total: 2 investments


JSquare Logo
Total: 6 investments

LucidBlue Ventures

LucidBlue Ventures Logo
Total: 16 investments

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount

Seed/Private Round

Oct. 7, 2021
Total: 51 investors
Tokens For Sale 130,000,000
Lock-up $10% TGE, 1 year cliff, 2 years vesting