Last Funding
Last Funding Date
Nov 16, 2021
NuLink has received investments from 13 investors. Their most recent funding round was on Nov. 16, 2021, when they have raised 4.0M.


ExNetwork Capital

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Total: 101 investments

X21 Digital

X21 Digital Logo
Total: 139 investments

LD Capital

LD Capital Logo
Total: 66 investments

Regain Ventures

Regain Ventures Logo
Total: 6 investments

ZBS Capital

ZBS Capital Logo
Total: 110 investments

Maven Capital

Maven Capital Logo
Total: 65 investments


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Total: 7 investments

Unanimous Capital

Unanimous Capital Logo
Total: 5 investments

Kangaroo Capital

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Total: 23 investments

VYSYN Ventures

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Total: 2 investments

Cypher Capital

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Total: 3 investments

Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount

Seed/Private Round

Nov. 16, 2021
Total: 13 investors
Token Price $0.005
Tockens For Sale 10,000,000
Lock-up $10% TGE, 12 months vesting