SupraOracles announced a closure of $24M Funding Round.

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SupraOracles announced a closure of $24M Funding Round.

SupraOracles, a cross-chain oracle, has closed an early stage funding round with multiple notable backers. Project's supporters include: Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, Animoca, HashKey, Huobi Ventures, Republic, Shima Capital and many others. 


SupraOracles propose an answer to Oracle Dilemma. An Oracle Dilemma is a problem which strikes any team trying to scale a decentralized application. If they want to use decentralized sources who provide a link into external internet, they will face a security risk, because they can't ensure every single piece of data transferred to app. They create a way to connect blockchain to outer internet data without security risks and extra centralization. This is crucial, as insecure data access from blockchain to other websites is frequently used for hacker attacks.  


It also announced a gift for the community in a form of Learn-to-earn airdrop. The project aims to reach 500K KYC token holders before 2024 TGE. It starts with signing up as a cadet and starting a learning journey into how SupraOracles operate. They propose 420$ORACLE tokens to anyone who starts to participate right away. 

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