Starknet and Argent present new venture studio.

Starknet and Argent present new venture studio.

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Starknet and Argent present new venture studio.

Starknet, a validity rollup L2 network, is aimed at popularizing itself. Together with crypto-wallet Argent, which already made extension for Starknet, they came up with Hito Studios. Hito Studios would be a venture studio aimed at early-stage investment in projects build on Starknet. 

👍 Venture Studios:

Hito Studios can provide multi-dimensional support, including hiring, engineering, legal and growth. As for now, Starknet environment can boast roughly 30K unique users a day, so the genuine interest for the L2 is guaranteed. Hito Studios will start its journey by investing in two portfolio companies: Unframed, an NFT marketplace and Ekubo, a decentralized exchange. Currently, there are 10 protocols built on Starknet, so there are a number of untouched infrastructure projects which should be built for this network. 

💥 Quantum leap: 

Starknet activity is bonded with its recent "quantum leap" update which targaeted transcation speed. Starknet delivered 37 transactions per second, a 3.7x increase from previous 10 TPS. By the third quarter the team aims to reach "hundreds" of TPS. 


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