Polygon has proposed changes for its Polygon 2.0 update

Polygon has proposed changes for its Polygon 2.0 update

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Polygon has proposed changes for its Polygon 2.0 update

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution, developer team came up with three proposals to implement in its Polygon 2.0 update. One of them includes creating new token POL.

What was proposed: 

These proposals were introduced to the community, so they can give feedback. They include three steps. A proposal to transfer Polygon, so it wouldn't require no actions from end-users. And two proposals to create a $POL token which would ensure maximum backward compatibility. 

Polygon 2.0: 

In June they announced the upgrade and claimed that it would establish an interconnected network of Layer 2 chains, driven by zero-knowledge proofs. The POL token may becomea huge news which will decide the market cap and the price of projects current token MATIC. The core idea of Polygon 2.0 is a transition to a network to zero-knowledge-powered Layer 2 blockhains. As the mission named adding a "Value Layer of the Internet", the next network would be based around the trust and security of the overall system, making it more of a collection of different networks united by an underlying principle.


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