PancakeSwap expands to Linea L2 network.

PancakeSwap expands to Linea L2 network.

Key Metrics

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46.5MInitial Circulation
750MTotal Circulation

PancakeSwap expands to Linea L2 network.

PancakeSwap, the second biggest decentralized exchange announced that it would be available on Linea. Linea is a Consensys-powered Ethereum L2 network. Linea is a zero-knowledge rollup network. Its mainnet was launched in July.

Staking and Farming:

The initial phase would include swap and liquidity provision. This is very needed for Linea as it may attract liquidity from long-time PancakeSwap users. Next steps would include adding the farming tool and the signature IFO. This offering is widely popular among community and will for sure provide attention for the network. 

Ethereum L2's: 

PancakeSwap, initially a BNB-based project, is actively expanding to Ethereum L2's. It is already available on Aptos, Polygon, zkEVM, zkSync Era and Arbitrum. It also tries to outplay its main opponent - Uniswap. As for now, Uni hasn't announced its deployment to Linea.