Optimism has issued its third airdrop worth $26M

Optimism has issued its third airdrop worth $26M

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Optimism has issued its third airdrop worth $26M

Optimism, an Ethereum L2 network which uses optimistic-rollup technology, has announced its third airdrop to bolster activity on the chain. 

Airdrop in numbers: 

The total airdrop amount is 19.4M $OP tokens which is $26M in current prices. This sum was distributed among 31.8K addresses. Average user renumeration was 600 $OP which translates to $840. Users who participated in on-chain proposals received 2x multiplier to their rewards. In total the airdrop share for $OP token was appointed at 19%. Which means that there would be subsequent airdrops. 

What's next: 

After the third round of airdrop concluded, a pool of 570M $OP is open for future distributions. Each airdrop drastically increases user's activity for a short period of time which can be both used for app's applicability and price gains. 


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