Itheum partners loyalty startup Inspir3

Itheum partners loyalty startup Inspir3

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💥 Itheum partners loyalty startup Inspir3

Itheum, a project known for its data brokerage solution, is partnering with a startup Inspir3. Together they aim to revolutionize crypto loyalty programs.  

📄 Inspir3: 

Inspir3 is a startup which is focused on creating new solutions for loyalty programs. Its main idea is to create user-centered loyalty solutions for new projects. The project will be launched on MultiversX and presented on Xday conference on Oct 19. 

👍 Partnership: 

Itheum is rapidly developing variuos data-centered products. Itheum provides people with tools such as NFT data ownership. It also opens a possibilty of data trading ruled by independent DAOs. Together with Inspir3 they can introduce creative loyalty solutions and ensure secure interactions between network and community. 

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