Hatom introduction

Introducing Hatom, the first DeFi Ecosystem on MultiversX

Key Metrics

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12.6MInitial Circulation
100MTotal Circulation
$0.4Public Price
$0.3Private Price

About Hatom

With the goal to become MultiversX's DeFi powerhouse Hatom provides basic services on the chain. The team already launched lending and liquid staking on Mainnet, while the over-collateralized stablecoin is in the process of making.

The ecosystem will be governed by $HTM token. 

The DeFI ecosystem encompasses:

  1. Over-collateralized lending protocol on the MultiversX chain. It employs algorithmic methods to assure seamless transactions.
  2. A liquid staking solution that makes it possible to stake $EGLD and earn staking rewards without locking up its value.
  3. Hatom USD - $USH. A native stablecoin that can be minted via Hatom’s lending Platform. It’s decentralized, which means it is backed by assets supplied in the lending protocol. 

Subsequent plans include a cross-chain lending system and an index of leverage staking strategy. 

Hatom Milestones

Up to now, Hatom scored a number of important accomplishments.

Apart from launching liquid staking and lending, it also was listed on three big exchanges: Gate, MEXC, xExchange. It can be traded in HTM/USDT and HTM/EGLD pairs. On xExchange the metastaking and farming APR are 10% and 14% respectively.

After a week of presenting Mainnet, there is $43M staked in $EGLD on the Hatom platform. The project reached $100M TVL and moved its blockchain MultiversX to a list of 18 biggest chains by TVL. The staking on the platform can guarantee 6.30% APY.

Learn more about Hatom:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Chain Broker

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