Industry waits for SEC's decision on Ethereum Futures ETF's.

Industry waits for SEC's decision on Ethereum Futures ETF's.

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Exchange-traded funds allow people to invest in a fund which deals with a specific part of the market. There are already SEC-approved futures BTC ETF. Recently, the biggest investment fund, Blackrock, applied for spot BTC ETF.

🗝 Why is this important? 

An approval from SEC to Blackrock's application will be used in subsequent deals and can pave the way for Ethereum futures ETF. This piggybacking story can change the market, as it exposes conventional investors to gov-approved tools for the crypto industry. This would bring more liquidity to the market, which usually starts with Bitcoin and drains down to altcoins and DeFi.

📌 What is happening right now?

The industry is waiting for SEC response for Ethereum Futures ETF untill Oct 11, and Bitcoin ETF untill Oct 13. We have already seen ETF approvals in Canada, which a lot of industry leaders think was a test field before US green flag. If this will happen it would at the very least increase market's capacities in the next bullish season.