DeXe Protocol Rolls Out The Whitepaper

DeXe Protocol Rolls Out The Whitepaper

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DeXe Protocol Rolls Out The Whitepaper

DeXe Protocol, a DAO creation and management platform, announces its Whitepaper. 


In the whitepaper the project describes its vision of DAO's future. DeXe team believes that autonomous self-governence will be the force behind future improvements. The team outlines key parts of its vision: Genuine Decentralization, Meritocracy vs Plutocracy, Incentivization Models and Seamless Infrastructure. 

Every smart contract in the DeXe Protocol is open source, allowing independent teams and developers to adapt and implement parts of the Protocol according to their unique requirements, leading to limitless use cases. These include creating DAOs with flexible settings, employing advanced governance logic, creating audited governance utility tokens, appointing Validators for secondary security, establishing meritocratic governance structures, managing proposal submissions and discussions, and executing proposals on-chain without multi-signature wallets.


The Protocol's library includes a wide range of governance-related contracts, such as diverse voting models, reward distribution systems, decentralized treasury management, token delegation, various proposal templates, execution contracts, parameter settings, and the integration of custom proposals and voting systems.

The protocol notes the importance of Incentivization, thus it provides its core ideas on interactions with community. They aim to introduce voting rewards, to ensure people value their voice. Same logic applies to Proposals and Transaction Execution. Rewarding the proposal will have a positive effect on small-cap user who still want to contribute to shared cause. 



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