DeXe Protocol launches Mainnet and Rewards Program

DeXe Protocol launches Mainnet and Rewards Program

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DeXe Protocol launches Mainnet and Rewards Program

DeXe Protocol, a DAO creation and management platform, announces the launch of its Mainnet and Rewards Program. 

The Mainnet: 

Dexe Protocol has succesfully deployed 50 smart contracts on BNB Chain's mainnet. This opens DAOs different useful contracts. Decentralized Treasury - which provides a sample of secure and semless interaction between DAOs. Meritocracy a system which control the voting power of major token holders preserving other members. There are even more useful contracts for DAOs. 

The Rewards Program: 

Everyone is welcome to join. To be eligible for the Rewards Program and claim the NFT, you must register for the program within 10 days after the release of the DeXe Protocol. This applies even if you purchased tokens during the initial $DEXE token generation event. During one of those 10 days, a snapshot will be taken to determine the reward program’s exact parameters.

While all DeXe Protocol DAO members receive rewards for voting, users who stake the NFT in their wallet will have increased rewards.


- Holiding ERC-20 $DEXE until complition of 10-day registration period

- Completing the Form

Registration Dates:

Nov 13 - Nov 23, 2023


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