Chain Broker Integrates CertiK Skynet's Security Score

Chain Broker Integrates CertiK Skynet's Security Score, Enhancing Crypto Project Analysis for Users

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Chain Broker, an analytical data aggregation platform, is excited to announce its integration with CertiK Skynet. This collaboration brings an advanced, real-time security assessment tool to Chain Broker's users. We offer an easy-to-use approach to assessing project’s security.

Benefits for Chain Broker Users

The integration of the Skynet Security Score into Chain Broker’s platform empowers users with comprehensive, real-time data on the security of Web3 projects. This addition means users can now make informed decisions, backed by an objective and thorough analysis of each project's security strengths and weaknesses.

About the Integration

Chain Broker's platform will now feature the Skynet Security Score, a dynamic scoring system developed by CertiK, a leader in the blockchain security field. This score evaluates a multitude of on-chain and off-chain data to provide an accurate security assessment of Web3 projects.

Understanding the Security Score

The Security Score is calculated through an aggregation of sub-scores across six security categories: Code Security, Fundamental Health, Operational Resilience, Community Trust, Market Stability, and Governance Strength. It integrates over 15 signals, including both manual evaluations by security experts and automatic assessments by CertiK's advanced software systems.

Calculation Methodology

The Security Score is meticulously calculated by evaluating six key security categories. Each category contributes to the overall score, providing a comprehensive view of a project's security posture:

  1. Code Security: This category assesses the measures taken by project teams to ensure their code is secure and rigorously reviewed. It includes evaluations of code audits, bug bounty programs, and the overall quality of code development practices.
  2. Fundamental Health: This focuses on the transparency, structure, and quality of documentation of a project and its team. It takes into account factors such as the clarity of the project’s whitepaper, the accessibility of technical documentation, and the organization's overall operational transparency.
  3. Operational Resilience: Operational resilience looks at how a project responds to and manages challenges. This includes assessing the project's progress, its responses to security incidents, and its strategies for mitigating risks.
  4. Community Trust: A measure of a project’s engagement and reputation within the community. This includes analyzing social health across platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, and collecting community feedback and support.
  5. Market Stability: This category evaluates a project's ability to maintain a stable market presence. It considers factors such as the volatility of the project’s token, market performance, and other crucial financial metrics.
  6. Governance Strength: Governance strength measures how decentralized a project's decision-making processes are. It assesses the distribution of token holders, voting mechanisms, and overall governance structures that ensure fair and transparent project management.

Why Security Score Matters

In the volatile and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, security is paramount. The Skynet Security Score provides an essential tool for users to gauge the security robustness of projects, minimizing risks and promoting safer investments in the Web3 ecosystem.

A Step Forward for Web3 Security

Chain Broker's integration of CertiK Skynet's Security Score marks a significant advancement in providing accessible, transparent, and reliable security information to cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. By prioritizing security, Chain Broker continues to demonstrate its commitment to safeguarding its users' interests and contributing to a more secure and stable Web3 environment.

About Chain Broker

Chain Broker is a cutting-edge crypto analytical platform dedicated to offering users comprehensive information on various crypto projects. With a focus on user empowerment and transparency, Chain Broker is at the forefront of delivering valuable insights into the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

About CertiK

CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing best-in-class Formal Verification and AI technology to secure and monitor blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 apps. Its Skynet Security Score is a testament to CertiK's commitment to elevating the security standards in the Web3 space.

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