🛎 Binance Launchpool introduces 38th project - Neutron

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Binance Launchpool introduces 38th project - Neutron

Neutron, a project which facilitates cross-chain app building and provides security dapps on Cosmos, becomes a new project listed on Binance Launchpool. Neutron provides Interchain Queries to smart contract developers. These allow teams to retrieve data from remote zones.


The farming would last for 20 days staring from 00:00 (UTC) on 2023-10-11. There are three staking pools available. The major one requires $BNB staking - it covers 80% of rewards (16M $NTRN). Other two require $TUSD and $FDUSD, each accounting for 10% of the pool (2M $NTRN). BNB pool daily rewards include 800K NTRN, two other pools 100K each. 


Snapshots of user balances and total pool will be taken multiple times to keep timely update of users rewards. The rewards will be updated hourly. You can anytime claim your rewards in spot account. The APY will be updated in real time. Users can anytime unstake their tokens. Users who stake in BNB Vault will automatically participate in NTRN staking. BNB staked in pools will still provide its Binance benefits. 

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