Binance Launchpool introduces 39th project - Memeland

Binance Launchpool introduces 39th project - Memeland

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 Binance Launchpool introduces 39th project - Memeland

Memeland, a web3-focused venture studio brought by 9GAG team, becomes a new project listed on Binance Launchpool. The idea is investing in social projects focused on community. The team strives to replicate the success of 9GAG by focusing on connecting different people with MEME, NFT's and creativity. 


The farming would last for 30 days staring from 00:00 (UTC) on 2023-10-28. There are three staking pools available. The major one requires $BNB staking - it covers 80% of rewards (1.1B $MEME). Other two require $TUSD and $FDUSD, each accounting for 10% of the pool (138M $MEME). 


You can anytime claim your rewards in spot account. The APY will be updated in real time. Users can anytime unstake their tokens. Users who stake in BNB Vault will automatically participate in MEME staking. BNB staked in pools will still provide its Binance benefits.