Binance Labs Invests in Arkham's $ARKM Token

Binance Labs Invests in Arkham's $ARKM Token

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Binance Labs Invests in Arkham's $ARKM Token

Binance Labs, a venture capital of the largest centralized exchange, invests in project which deals with gathering and transforming data. 

Intelligence and Data Platform: 

Arkham gathers raw blockchain transaction data and transforms it into a clear information about actors' actions with their assets. It can amplify the crypto-search activities by mapping the blockchain transaction. The most important concept is the ability to gather the data from various sources and combine it providing a cohesive picture. 

The platform is equipped with a proprietary AI engine named ULTRA, which is designed to algorithmically match blockchain addresses with real-world entities. This capability allows users to search and sort through transaction histories, enhancing transparency in the crypto industry.

The Vision: 

Arkham incentivizes the production and sharing of blockchain intelligence through its "Intel-to-Earn" model. Participants can earn rewards for their contributions in the form of bounties, auctions, and trades, all powered by the $ARKM token.

The Investment highlights Binance priorities in the crypto sphere. The grand exchnage prioritizes transparency, deanonymization of the actors and diminishing criminal operations made in crypto. The critics of such approach highlight the loss of security and trust in the market. It brakes down an idea of crypto market as a safe surveillance-free ecosystem. 

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