Astar will launch zkEVM Ethereum Layer 2 powered by Polygon.

Astar will launch zkEVM Ethereum Layer 2 powered by Polygon.

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Astar will launch zkEVM Ethereum Layer 2 powered by Polygon

Astar, a Japanese smart contract platform, announced that it will release its Layer 2 zkEVM on Polygon. This is needed to expand the blockchain adoption in Japan. 

Why zkEVM: 

zkEVM is a way to use zero-knowledge Rollup to speed up transaction throughput and reduce fees. It works by collecting transactions off-chain and then processing it as one transaction. This technology is highly popular among investors and community, so Astar naturally decided to seize the day. Astar would use the same code as Ethereum which means that dapp creators can duplicate their apps without any changes. 

Popularizing web3 in Japan:

Astar also implied its desire to increase the competitiveness of Japanese developers. It already made collaboration with tech giant - Sony. Their subsequent goals target traditionally popular sectors: entertaimant and sport. This goes in line with governments plan to apply web3 to its "new capitalism" strategy. The nation strives to overcome economic stagnation with experimental measures, which may include blockchain technologies, decentralization strategies and data privacy practices. 



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