Ankr partners with Tencent Cloud to create Blockchain RPC.

Ankr partners with Tencent Cloud to create Blockchain RPC.

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Ankr partners with Tencent Cloud to create Blockchain RPC. 

Ankr, a project which provides blockchain infrasture, announced a partnership with Tencent Cloud for its introductory crypto project - Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC. 

The Project: 

The shared goal is to create an infrastructural service which will help develop Web3 apps. It will be the first step in crypto for Tencent Cloud, so it will try to apply it's CeFi experience and knowledge with DeFi experience of Ankr. Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service provides project developers with means of querying data and processing transactions on the biggest blockchains. The service is expected to support a regular request volume of up to 1800 request per second per chain. 

Opportunities ahead: 

Tencent Cloud's project would rely on Ankr's node expertise and infrastructure stability. It plans to introduce both private and public versions. Public version would include set features, yet it also would have a rate limit. Private would be a pay-as-you-go blockchain interaction with increased troughput. Final product is enterprise-exclusive version to provide uniquely designed use cases. 

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