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Apr 15, 2024

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What is Follow the Seed?

All necessary data on the fund's investment activities

This page contains key indicators that reflect the level of investment activity of the Follow the Seed fund, such as:

  • Top projects by ROI, in which the fund invests
  • Average ROI of projects by month
  • Average investments
  • Projects in which the fund has recently invested
  • Hot list of projects in which the fund invests
  • Top projects by return

Top projects by ROI, in which the Follow the Seed fund invests

In the context of cryptocurrency, ROI (Return on Investment) refers to the profit or loss that an investor realizes on a crypto project they have invested in. It is a measure of the performance of the investment relative to the initial investment price.For example ROI of the next projects are:

  • Saito - 2.03x
  • BullPerks - 1.02x
  • Efficient Frontier - 1.0x
  • Ajuna - 1.0x
  • Avalon - 1.0x

The ROI of a crypto project can be calculated by taking the difference between the current value and the initial value, and dividing that by the initial value.

For example, if an investment price is $2.79 and the investment is now worth $5.58, the ROI would be 2.0x

Average Monthly ROI

Average Monthly ROI (Return on Investment) is a metric that represents the average profit or loss a fund has produced over a single month period. It is calculated by averaging all the ROI of fund projects that were listed during provided month.

Recently invested by the Follow the Seed fund

  • Enjinstarter - 0.542x
  • Picipo - 0.0418x
  • Dot Finance - 0.00868x

Heatmap of projects in which the Follow the Seed fund invests

  • Saito - 2.03x
  • BullPerks - 1.02x
  • Efficient Frontier - 1.0x
  • Ajuna - 1.0x
  • Avalon - 1.0x

Top Gainers in which the Follow the Seed fund invests

  • Octopus Protocol - 128.0%
  • Nitro League - 9.46%
  • Picipo - 0.0%
  • Rise Of Defenders - 0.0%
  • Quoth - 0.0%

Frequently asked questions

What types of projects does fund invest in?

Follow the Seed invests in a wide range of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), infrastructure projects, and more.

How does Follow the Seed choose which projects to invest in?

Follow the Seed has a team of experienced investors and advisors who use a variety of criteria to evaluate potential investments. This includes factors such as the project's team, technology, market potential, and more.

What is fund investment process like?

Follow the Seed typically invests in projects at the seed or early stage, and it provides funding, as well as support and guidance to help the project grow. The firm may also participate in later-stage funding rounds for companies it has previously invested in.

Can anyone invest in Follow the Seed?

No, Follow the Seed is a venture capital firm that primarily works with accredited investors, institutional investors, and other high net worth individuals.